Why Travel With Us?

We understand your needs. At The Sports Traveller, we think of ourselves as athletes. As athletes, we take care of our teamates (our clients). We do this by delivering quality advice, service and safety. Focusing only on Sports & Adventure Travels, we know and breathe sports.

Multi-Sport Expertise. Be it friendly games with professional teams to customised training programmes across different sports to group expeditions, our sports and adventure focus means we have the expertise and quality tour managers to meet your requirements.

Wide network of Industry Partners. Having worked with people from different parts of the world, we have established firm foundations for network to make things happen the way you want it.

Proven Track Record. Our list of clients includes schools, banks advertising agencies among many others. Because of the level of service we provide, many of our clients have travelled with us more than once. Our proven track record includes large group travel of about 150 people across multiple sports and activities.

Really, there is nothing quite like travelling with The Sports Traveller.


Our Network:

Our Network