School always re-opens to a flurry of activities. For the school athlete, it is a time of reckoning. The commencement of the National Schools Sports Championships will be the time where their sweat and tears over the past months will pay off. Or will it not?

The Sports Traveller understands how precious training hours are. Preparation for the grueling sports season isn’t met by parents who demand more private time with their children and teachers who have to juggle their unforgiving workload.

Our sports trips are designed to match the school’s needs to meet specific training and learning objectives. Special attention is given to selection of venue and skill levels of opponents. Matching the wrong type of opponents will either mean the students walk away demoralised or derive very little learning.

Our experienced Tour Managers (TMs) value-add to the teachers and coaches. Our TM pool comprises ex-teachers and athletes playing the same sport, not to mention national players who can help add another level of professionalism to our tours.

Sharing of personal tips and advice on the game ensures that your students get more learning out of their games. They get to hear first-hand from our TMs about playing the sport at the highest levels and usually have a new mentor in our TMs by the end of the trip.

Make the best of your pre-season trip. Stop settling for sub-standard games and facilities.
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