About Us

The Sports Traveller was born to provide focused expertise in Sports & Adventure travel. First established under Sports360 LLP in 2009, the strong support of our clients have enabled us to grow rapidly We now have a long list of clients including schools, corporate clients and social groups. We have organized tours around Asia and Europe, including large groups of about 150 people.

Whether it is playing in a floorball tournament in Finland, group cycling across the Philippines, marlin fishing in the Caribbean Islands, or watching Arsenal vs Manchester United in London, The Sports Traveller connects people with unique travel experiences. We created The Sports Traveller to make it easy and fun for people to plan and customize their sports & adventure travels. To us, travel is not just about the destination, it is about the active engagement of your mind and body to create an experience of a lifetime.

Our Vision:

To be the travel company that delivers the most memorable sports and adventure travel experience.